Strong VacuumPULVAK

Strong Pulsator

More efficient milking is achieved with Pulvak pulsators
during milking with correct pulation
breast is preserved.

Milking PULVAK

heart beats in pulvak

Pulsator, the heart of milking machines
selection is very important. Pulvak pulsators
Enjoy hassle-free milking with

Mean Pulsator

means pulvak

Pulvak pulsators for every milking
Compatible with machine and maintenance
can be done easily.


You can find all technical data of our products on our website.

Online sales

You can buy our products individually or in multiples from our store.

Mast Manufacturer

As the Pulvak brand, all of our products are our own production.


Except for the pulsator, our other equipment is coming soon.

Timely delivery

Made-to-order production and on-time delivery

Pulvak pulsator

We are a company that aims to see happy consumers at all times and in every field. In this sense, we adopt the one-to-one consumer relationship as the only strategy. We continue our work by increasing our service and quality day by day, respecting both our users and social-ecological life.
Customer happiness

About Us

As the Pulvak brand, our priority is to continuously expand our R&D in order to produce products in line with the wishes of the users. By following the user experience, we prioritize zero problems and long-lasting use in our products. All of our products are released to the market as a result of our own research and production. The Pulvak brand was established with the awareness of serving our customers to the end while constantly growing, learning and innovating.

Customer happiness

It is of great importance for us to prioritize the needs of our customers in all processes from the production of our products to their technical support. The positive or negative feedback of our customers is very important to us. The biggest data I use while developing our products consists of useful experiences. We always work to satisfy our customers.

The most important features we have in our products are that they have a structure that will protect the health of the animals used, that our products increase efficiency when used due to their working principle and physical structure, that our products are easy to maintain and that they have a long life thanks to our technical support.



AllTransparent Pulsator

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